Who we are

SynTech Research Spain was founded in 1994 to provide independent research,  product development  and  regulatory services for the agricultural, biotechnology, food industry, public health and government bodies. sector. The company earned a top place in the market right from the beginning, developing projects either at national or international level, with private companies or in co-ordination with Universities. Lead company in this sector, pioneering the agricultural investigation in Spain, thus demonstrating its initiative and vitality. As a further step in its global expansion strategy,

SynTech Research Portugal (GEP/GLP compliant) was born in 2013 with same spirit and ambition of its Iberian partner, offering a complete country coverage. Following with its expansion in Southern EMEA zone, SynTech Research was established in Morocco, and recently, in Italy.

Our team, composed by highly trained and specialized people, is willing to provide the best results for our clients. Today, sponsors from all over the world benefit from the expertise, dynamism and enthusiasm of the team.

For further information contact:

Francisco López
Managing Director Southern Europe

Greenhouses at our headquarters in Picanya (Valencia)