In Southern Zone, EMEA, SynTech Research Group is established in  Spain, Portugal, Italy and Morocco.

SynTech Research Spain´s headquarters and main Research Centre is located at Picanya near Valencia in the east of the country. The facility covers 30,000 sqm. As well as open field trials areas, it includes 2,200 sqm of laboratories / storage area, 5,400 sq.m of greenhouses / protected cropping and 600 sqm of offices. The laboratories, which include a large number of growth chambers and walk-in freezers, are used for ecotoxicology (terrestrial & aquatic), residue sample preparation and homogenisation, processing, DFR, DRL , seed treatment and post-harvest trial work.

Facility locations in each country have been estrategically selected for covering main crops under open field or protected conditions with optimal climatic conditions to provide excellent trial results. SynTech Research Portugal has its headquarters in Caldas da Rainha  80 kms north of Lisbon, SynTech Research Italy´s headquarters is located in Imola, near Bologna in the Center-North East of the country, with a further key site in Catania (Sicily) and another  sites in North-East and South-East. SynTech Research Africa is based in Casablanca (Morocco) in the north west of the country, with satelites in other main agricultural growing areas.

For infomation of our sites in Italy and Morocco, visit the global website: