Within SynTech Research Services, it stands out the performance of POST HARVEST trials , both to see the efficacy of the products and for residue purposes (GLP). SynTech Research boast of experimental equipment which simulates commercial ones but scaled up for trials. Trials are carried out with treatments in drencher, spray line, waxing and drying, smoke cans, etc. In efficacy trials, artificial inoculations of the pathogens to be studied can be performed. 

Type of Applications:

  • Drench application (citrus, apple, pears, banana …)
  • Waxing line application with drying tunnel (citrus, peach)
  • Dipping application (citrus, apple, banana …)
  • Smoke application (citrus, fruits etc…)
  • Fumigation application (fruits, cereals, persimon)
  • Specific exp. design for appl. (by customer)