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Post Harvest trials at SynTech Research Spain

by | Oct 31, 2017

With a huge experience in field, semi-field and laboratory trials, SynTech Research Spain bets strong on Post Harvest Business.

The company counts on experimental post-harvest application equipment  which simulates the industry machinery, like drenchers or wax treatment lines. It allows working with small amounts of fruits and keeping equipment free of undesirable residues by means of the implementation of internal standard operating procedures for its cleaning.

This fact, added to the recent acquisition of its New Facility in Picanya (Valencia), equipped with chambers of different sizes and working conditions, completes the full package and makes SynTech be ready to do any type of Post Harvest Study.

If you feel  we can help you with your project, please contact our Technical Director in Spain, Vicente Corts, at vcorts@syntechresearch.es