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SynTech Iberia welcomes students from the Universidad de Valencia

by | May 7, 2017

Since its foundation, SynTech has always provided the opportunity to agriculture-based students to go further in their education; to do so, the company cooperates with universities and agricultural schools in their training programmes .

As part of SynTech encouraging personality, some of the students have been offered the opportunity to join our Iberia team in Portugal as a further step in their professional career development.

Recently, the areas of expertise for students at SynTech have been widened with the incorporation of a Biostatistics Master Degree student from Universidad de Valencia, who has just completed the training.

It has been a profitable experience for both parties as Teresa has helped in the data  analysis throughout the company, has encountered real issues faced by data analysis and has applied new mathematical approaches to overcome difficult tasks.

The work completed during the training period finished with a master class in BioStatistics applied to SynTech field of research with great satisfaction of the audience.

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