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SynTech Research Spain: 11th ENAC GLP Inspection

by | May 3, 2016

Certificado BPL 2014-2016SynTech Research Spain renews once more its GLP Certification, having been the first company which obtained this certificate in Spain on 15/07/98.

This renewal  strengthens the company position in the sector,  as a pioneer and leading field testing CRO with more than 22 years of experience. 

The Test Facility performs studies with phytosanitary products (field and lab) in the areas of expertise of residues, behaviour in soil, effects on non target organisms (NTA), effects on non target plants (NTP) and occupational exposure (OPEX). 

During the inspection, ENAC evaluated, not only the types of studies carried out by the Test Facility since its beginnings, but also the new studies of Dislodgable Foliar Residues (DFRs), what completes the portfolio of GLP studies offered by the company.