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SynTech Research Spain: 20 years service of experimentation and agricultural research

by | Nov 10, 2014

Passion. Effort. Full-time dedication. SynTech Research staff turns 20. 20 years of constant work; learning; new goals and solutions. Solutions for the sector of R&D in Agriculture; tailor-made solutions.

Pioneers in Spain performing efficacy trials for the control of pests and GLP residue studies, SynTech Research Spain has expanded and diversified throughout the years, offering, at present, one of the most complete service catalogue in the agricultural sector.file170_ANUNCIO_REVISTA

Efficacy, selectivity, residues, operator exposure (OPEX), dislodgable foliar residues (DFR), eco-toxicology (field & laboratory), training,…are only some of the services SynTech Research Spain offers, all arranged by Project Managers who coordinate and lead each of the services.

A team of almost 40 professionals, covering all Spanish territory, make a day by day effort to help companies obtain the most reliable results about the response of their products (insecticides, acaricides, nematicides, fungicides, herbicides, fertilizers, others,…)

The range of crops SynTech Research Spain works on is extremely large, emphasizing as novelty the specialization in tropical crops in the last years. To better know Spanish capacities,  visit www.syntechresearch.es.

Furthermore, as part of SynTech Research international group with presence in 29 countries (www.syntechresearch.com), the management of international projects is globally offered, providing the largest diversity of crops, countries, knowledge, solutions,…all under the same standard procedures, making easier the compilation of results.

SynTech Research Spain expresses its gratitude to all its clients for their fidelity  shown along all these years and trusts in continuing providing improvements and solutions to the agricultural sector.