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SynTech Research Spain acquires Bayer’s facility in Valencia

by | Mar 28, 2016

It is an honor to announce that SynTech Research Spain has acquired Bayer’s Research Center for Seed Experimentation located in Picanya (Valencia, Spain).

This Research Center covers 30.000 sqm; as well as the open field trials areas, it includes 600 sq. m of offices, 2.200 sq. m of laboratories and storage area and 5400 sq. m of greenhouses/protected cropping (glass/net).aerial view picanya

The new facility is located in a typical agricultural area with a very nice and peaceful environment, as well as large spaciousness, which will assure an improvement in working conditions.

The possibility of doing in-house trials will allow to provide competitive prices for early bird clients contracting trials which could be developed in the Station. Part of the land will be used for demonstrative trials; Sponsors can use the facility for its own meetings if they need to. The Conference Room is equipped with individual internet connection for 16 people.facade picanya

There will be specific areas of laboratories for ecotoxicology, processing, residue sample preparation & homogenization, seed treatment and post-harvest trials. It is equipped with growing chambers for insects and pathogens, walk-in freezing chambers for fruit and vegetables storage and the chambers for frozen samples for the residue trials.vista paulonias picanaya

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